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Uttam Hexagonal Tiles Non Painted

Uttam Hexagonal Tiles Non Painted



Size- 6 inches (Side)

Area- 0.65sqft

UTTAM Acoustic wood wool Tiles is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, chemical compound and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. 


     Product Qualities

    • For Acoustic Purposes (Sound Proofing and reverberation treatement in various theatres and auditorium and other commercial spaces)
    • Fire Resistant
    • Moisture Absorbers, absorbs moisture or dampness from wall and emits it in the air due to breathable material ,it evens out air humidity, by releasing the moisture in ambient air.
    • Heat Retention - It also prevents heat flow in an out of the room as it stores the ambient heat and emits it when temperature falls, as a result your ac won’t have to work as hard and your overall energy costs will be reduced.
    • Easy Installation
    • Termite Proof
    • Low On VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    • Complete eco friendly product as well as manufacturing process and materials.

    Within 7 days of Delivery Date


    Shipping Cost Depends on the carrier and region

Excluding Taxes
Color: White
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