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Uttam Basics Wood Wool Acoustic Panel

Uttam Basics Wood Wool Acoustic Panel

SKU: UIAP00001


UTTAM BASICS​Uttam Basics is a designed board produced using superfine long pine wood-wool fibers fortified with magnesite and other allowed added substances. It is an incredibly hearty honeycomb type permeable organized framework, which gives fantastic sound and warm warmth protection with an extraordinary Wood Fiber surface finish. This make sure that the designers and architects are given the ideal artistic solution for eco-friendly, warmth and sound retention needs.

SIZE- 1200X600MM (4FTX2FT)


     Product Qualities

    • For Acoustic Purposes (Sound Proofing and reverberation treatement in various theatres and auditorium and other commercial spaces)
    • Fire Resistant
    • Moisture Absorbers, absorbs moisture or dampness from wall and emits it in the air due to breathable material ,it evens out air humidity, by releasing the moisture in ambient air.
    • Heat Retention - It also prevents heat flow in an out of the room as it stores the ambient heat and emits it when temperature falls, as a result your ac won’t have to work as hard and your overall energy costs will be reduced.
    • Easy Installation
    • Termite Proof
    • Low On VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    • Complete eco friendly product as well as manufacturing process and materials.

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Color: White
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